Friendly Chemistry
Used by students world-wide for over 15 years, Friendly Chemistry presents what is often considered an intimidating subject as a genuinely enjoyable experience.  A unique combination of concepts, games and lab activities opens the world of chemistry to learners of all ages!
"I love it!  Hands-on and easy to use, with clear explanations in language you and your kids will easily understand."
Jean Reed,
Home School Resource Book

The visual approach of the games and activities will certainly make it easier for students to grasp the concepts."
Cathy Duffy
Rigorous enough to prepare any teen for college, but friendly enough to keep the tears at bay."
Pearl Deffinbaugh,
Timberdoodle Co.

by Joey and Lisa Hajda
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 Is Friendly Chemistry right for your family? Listen while co-author, Dr. Joey Hajda discusses the most frequently-asked-questions about Friendly Chemistry.
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