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Friendly Chemistry:  

                                        A Guide to Learning Basic Chemistry, 4th ed.

                                              by Joey Hajda DVM MEd and Lisa Hajda MEd




Traditional chemistry textbooks are written with science-oriented students in mind.  What about your students who have interests in fields other than the natural sciences?  How can you better meet their needs?

Friendly Chemistry is a high school chemistry course which introduces all of the concepts traditionally taught in a chemistry I course, but does so in a unique way.  Authors Joey and Lisa Hajda, utilize unique, concrete methods to make the abstract concepts of chemistry easy to grasp.  Class games and activities provide ample opportunities for your students to practice the concepts you present.   Used successfully by  homeschoolers for over 10 years, Friendly Chemistry is now available for use in all educational settings, public or private.  Complete with laboratory activities, Friendly Chemistry can help make your job easier and the time your "non-science" students spend with you much more worthwhile.  

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