Pizza Box Doo-Wop Board

Our Doo-Wop Board has taken many forms over the past years.  Originally, it actually was a solid masonite board with embedded, plastic communion cups designed to hold pompons which served as electrons.  That model evolved into a board with milk caps glued into the correct arrangement which was followed by a heavy-weight printed card which was placed into a cookie sheet.  This set came with colored magnets which took the place of the pompons.  While our current version is useful, you may find yourself wanting a sturdier board to be used with your students.

This version utilizes (non-used) pizza boxes with dixie cups (ketchup cups) affixed with white glue or hot glue.  We laid the boxes flat and then set the cups onto the surface to get an idea where they needed to go.  Then, starting at the bottom, we glued each cup into place one by one until we reached the top of the board.  Finally, using a marker, we wrote the notations on the board.  Pompons can be used to represent electrons.  Other ideas for electrons include buttons of two colors, plastic disks like Tiddlywinks, counters from a math manipulative set, lego or duplo blocks.

The pizza restaurants in our area were happy to donate the boxes and ketchup cups.



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